Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of the Data Catalog Site ( ) (hereinafter referred to as “this Site”) is set out below.

  1. Basic Stance
    Government Information Systems Planning Division, Administrative Management Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (hereinafter referred to as “the Division”) will collect information on users of this Site to the extent necessary to facilitate operation of the services offered on this Site, such as offering of information, the new arrival information distribution service and receipt of comments on this Site. The information collected will be appropriately handled within the scope of the purposes of use.
  2. Scope of Information to Be Collected
    1. This Site will automatically collect users’ Internet domain names, IP addresses, information on pages viewed and how they are viewed on this Site (hereinafter referred to as “the browsing history”) and other information. The Division will use cookies, which refer to data accumulated on users’ browsers and sent from users’ browsers to the server, solely for the purposes of identifying users on the server and collecting their browsing histories to learn the access counts and how this Site is viewed and of improving the convenience of the browser display functions.
    2. In the event of sending any inquiry, comment or request, the user will be asked to enter his or her nickname (if the user is an individual) as the sender’s name as well as his or her e-mail addresses.
  3. Purposes of Use
    1. The Division will use the information collected pursuant to paragraph 2-1 as reference information for smooth operations of the services offered on this Site.
    2. The Division will use the information collected pursuant to paragraph 2-2 as a reference for the development of future measures and as contact information for verifying the details of the inquiry, comment or request sent. The Division will also use the e-mail address for the purposes of responding to the inquiry, comment or request or of contacting the sender for verifying the details. The information may be forwarded to the competent government authorities depending on the nature of the inquiry, comment or request. (With respect to the comment or request sent, the Division may provide the nickname (if the sender is an individual) and the e-mail address of the sender to its contractor for the purposes of analysis and suchlike.)
  4. Restriction on Use and Offering
    Except for the case of receiving a request for disclosure in accordance with laws and ordinances or in the event of any unauthorized access, intimidation or any other illegal act or in the event where there is any other special reason, the Division will not use the information collected for any purpose other than those specified in 3. Purposes of Use or offer it to any third party; provided, however, that access information for this Site and user attributes and other data may be published in a statistically processed form.
  5. Security Measures
    The Division will implement measures requisite to the prevention of leakage, loss or destruction of any information collected and to other proper management of the information collected. In the event that the Division may commission an outside contractor to operate this Site, the contractor will also take steps necessary for the appropriate management of the information collected.
  6. Disclosure of Information on Users
    In accordance with the provision in Article 12 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Administrative Organs (Act No. 58 of May 30, 2003), users may request disclosure of their own personal information collected in the inquiry or request section if it falls under the Retained Personal Information defined in paragraph (3) of Article 2 in the said Act.
  7. Scope of Application
    This policy will apply solely to this Site and not to any other site linked from this Site. Handling of information at relevant governmental ministries, agencies and other organs will be at the responsibility of their respective organs.
  8. Other
    The Division may revise this policy. Notification of revision will be given on this Site.