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Dataset 10827case updated
Dataset updated

Land and Climate 435case
Populaion and Households 233case
Labour and Wages 209case
Agriculture,Forestry and Fisheries 309case
Mining and Manufacturing 267case
Domestic Trade and Services 89case
Business,Household,Economy 1691case
Housing,Estate and Construction 767case
Energy and Water 299case
Transport and Sightseeing 427case
Information and Communication,Science and Technology 357case
Education,Culture,Sports and Life 597case
Administration and Public Finance 3056case
Justice,Security and Environment 873case
Social Security and Sanitation 820case
International 211case
Others 187case

Cabinet Secretariat 3case
Cabinet Legislation Bureau 29case
National Personnel Authority 51case
Cabinet Office 491case
Imperial Household Agency 30case
Japan Fair Trade Commission 139case
National Police Agency 117case
Financial Services Agenc 220case
Consumer Affairs Agency 24case
Personal Information Protection Commission 187case
Reconstruction Agency 8case
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications 619case
Ministry of Justice 783case
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan 181case
Ministry of Finance 625case
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology 732case
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare 1525case
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 368case
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry 1975case
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport 1707case
Ministry of the Environment 748case
Ministry of Defense 187case
Updated Date 2022/08/17