How can I use the data available on the data catalog site?

Category: Site

You can freely use data with metadata available on the data catalog site and any corresponding metadata (the data and the metadata are abbreviated hereafter to "submitted data"), under the conditions of the terms of use (https://www.data.go.jp/terms-of-use/terms-of-use/).
For example, you can use the submitted data as shown below. (You can also use the submitted data for cases other than the examples below.)

Concrete example of using submitted data:

  1. Developing applications or services by using the submitted data and metadata

    - Develop an application that aggregates and analyzes, from any viewpoint, time-series data of multiple ministries and agencies.
    - Copy metadata of the data catalog, and then provide a search service that uses the copied metadata.

  2. Creating new content by re-using submitted data (for example, by editing or processing the data)

    - Create a material that lists the results of a survey related to XX for each ministry or agency, and then post the material on a blog.
    - Create a CD that reads text aloud or create the English version for the entire YY white paper, and then distribute them.
    - Create and then sell a CSV format version of ZZ data that was posted as a PDF.
    - Create and then sell a map that collectively displays multiple types of location information (such as the latitude and longitude, address, and facility name).

  3. Analyze submitted data to enhance or streamline your company's business and services

    - Perform an analysis by combining the data of the XX trend survey and your company's data, and then use the results of that analysis to determine YY for your company.

In addition, we are interested in using information related to how submitted data is used as a reference for future efforts related to open data. Please inform us of your data usage by using the report page for submitted data (https://www.data.go.jp/communication/report-using-data-go-jp-data/).