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What is a Creative Commons license?

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A Creative Commons License (CC License)is a tool that enables copyright holders to clearly indicate their intentionsregarding the conditions for and scope of free use of their works. It is astandardized license or a method of making a license statement offered byCreative Commons, an international non-profit organization.
Reference: Creative Commons Japan Website(http://creativecommons.jp/(Note: The underlined portion is a link.)

   The Creative Commons license is widely adopted andreferred to in overseas countries with open data initiatives. It is being usedby the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Commissions in its open data initiativefor the White Paper Information andCommunications in Japan (fiscal year 2010 to 2013) and in the Open DATA METIwebsite operated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

   A national government with open data initiatives must create a clear andconsistent statement of its stance to broadly permit the secondary usage ofworks to which it owns the copyright. Thus, with the aim of specifying theconditions of use concerning copyright, the Data Catalog Site has decided touse the CC License—specifically the CC-BY, which authorizes secondary use onthe condition that proper credit is given to the original author.