Report using "DATA.GO.JP" data

You are free to use any data and the metadata of which are made open on the Data Catalog Site and the metadata themselves (hereinafter collectively referred to as “available data”) in accordance with  the Terms of Use ( . As Government Information Systems Planning Division, Administrative Management Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications aspires to learn how the available data are used and to use that as reference for its future open data initiatives, you are asked to notify the Division with the use of the form below if you use any available data.

Before making the notification, please read the  Privacy Policy (  and the  Notes ( .

Specific examples of use:
(i) Development of an application with the use of available data
- Developing an application that performs an analysis of yearly final accounts data from any user-defined viewpoint
(ii) Creation of new content by making secondary use (i.e., editing or processing) of available data
- Creating an English version or an audio CD of the XXX White Paper in full
- Creating and distributing a CSV format version of XXX data published in PDF format
- Creating a document that covers the results of studies conducted by different ministries and agencies on XXX and posting it on a blog
(iii) Analysis and other studies using available data to sophisticate or increase efficiency of your company’s business or service
- Combining XXX research data and your company’s data to analyze them and use the findings for making a decision on your company’s YYY

Also note that the Division will share your notifications with National Strategy Office of Information and Communications Technology in Cabinet Secretariat.


• Enter the necessary information and then click on the OK button.
   For the purpose of avoiding any garbled characters, do not use any single-byte katakana character, any circled numeral character or any other special character.


Report using "DATA.GO.JP" data