About This Site

    This Site is the open data catarogue information portal site which is managed and run by Administrative Management Bureau,
    Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications under the planning of National Strategy office of Information and
    Communications Technology in Cabinet Secretariat.

    Background and Purpose
    With the increasing use of the Internet and so on, it is now possible to offer data instantly at low cost. Enhancements in the
    performance of computers and the advancement and diversification of devices now allow businesses and the general public as
    data users to process and use a broad range of data in large volumes. Under these circumstances, there is now demand for
    the use of a huge volume of wide-ranging public data owned by the national and local governments, independent
    administrative agencies and other public entities for business and familiar public services.
    In view of these social and economic circumstances, the Japanese government has decided to move forward with the Open
    Data initiative, under which machine-readable data are made open under the rules of use that authorize secondary use,
    including use for commercial purposes. It will also be working to build a Data Catalog Site for open data as a portal with cross-
    source data search and other functions.

    This Site is the Data Catalog Site of the Japanese Government. Its purposes are to provide a sphere for the use of data owned
    by different governmental ministries and agencies as open data and to present the image of open data to both data providers
    and data users.
    It will encourage the use of open data and help collect examples of use. From an international perspective, publicity will be
    increased as an initiative of the Japanese government for an integrated open data site.
    The data should be noted that they also include past data in non-machine-readable formats, from the perspective of
    covering a large volume of data.

    Constraints on this site
    Please note that it may be subject to functional expansion or other changes involving modifications, deletion or suspension
    without prior notice.

Logo Mark

  1. The National Strategy Office of Information and Communications Technology in the Cabinet Secretariat created the logo mark in order to publicize open data, and made the mark open to the public on February 10, 2015. This logo mark expresses the disclosure of public data by using a symbol of an opened "can". (In Japanese, the sound "can" can also mean "government service".) Also, the mark indicates that various worldwide issues can be resolved by combining public data with private data. The color-coded numbers "0" and "1" that illuminate the earth are used to express this.
  2. This logo mark was created for the purpose of promoting and popularizing open data, such as for use in events or public websites of open data, or to introduce related products and services. You can use this mark freely: for example, for copies, public transmission, adaptations (translations or modifications), or even for commercial use. For more information, please access our  Usage Guidelines for Logo Mark , which is available now.
  3. If you use the logo mark, we would appreciate it very much if you contact us from the website: Report using "DATA.GO.JP" data ( https://www.data.go.jp/communication/report-using-data-go-jp-data/ ). We will use this information for reference when we consider future approaches to open data.
  4. Please use the following files.

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   About links to this Site
         1.  You may in principle freely create a link to the Data Catalog Site at  https://www.data.go.jp/  (hereinafter referred to as
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               restrictions on links to specific data.
         2.  If you create a link to this Site, the link must explicitly state that it is a link to this Site although no permission or
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